'53-'54 Buick Skylark Club

Info Plate



1953 MOD.


53 MOD. 76 X, ’54 MOD. 100



53 4767 SX

53 / 54



G ________




66 B OR W




















NOTE: The information above was copied from a ’53 Skylark information plate.

The information plate is located on the left side (passenger) of the firewall in both the ’53 & ’54 Skylarks.

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About Us

Welcome to the official website of the '53-'54 Buick Skylark Club. If you have found this site you are likely: an antique car enthusiast, interested in Buick automobiles, or more specifically the rare 1953 & 1954 Buick Skylarks.

The '53-'54 Buick Skylark Club was formed in 1978 by Vin De Peppo, John Garratt, and Jim Robertson for fellowship, fun, and the appreciation-preservation of these special carc. The Club has been recognized by the Buick Club of America as a division of the BCA. Today we have over 210 members located across the United States as well as in England, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, and Spain.

This site has been developed to share the history of the '53-'54 Buick Skylarks, articles about our members, technical editorials on preservation, and as a resource for those who are interested in obtaining, maintaining, or restoring a '53-'54 Buick Skylark. I'm happy you stopped to visit. I invite you to join our Club and connect with a group of people who enjoy these magnificent automobiles.


Still Skylarking,

Vin De Peppo

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2019 Annual Skylark Meet

 2019 Annual Skylark Meet
(Click Here for Registration Form)


40th Annual Skylark Club Meet in Hamilton, MT

This year's meet will be held from June 12th through June 16th in Hamilton, MT.  The meet will be hosted by Club members Dean & Linda Eldridge and Mike & Lynda Stewart.  The couples have planned a wonderful weekend for us with just the right mix of events and free time to enjoy the beautiful state of Montana.

Hamilton, MT. was founded by Marcus Daly in the late 19th century and named for J. W. Hamilton.  The average temperatures in June are 75 degrees for a high and a low of 45 degrees in the evenings.  The quaint city, with a population of 4,348, is the county seat of Ravalli County.  Hamilton is centrally located in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley that supports almost any form of outdoor recreation.


The host hotel for the meet is the Bitterroot River Inn on the Bitterroot River.  Hotel reservations can be made by calling 1-406-375-2525 or at www.bitterrootriverinn.com.  The overflow hotel is the Quality Inn, also in Hamilton, at 1-406-363-5644 or www.choicehotels.com/mt417.  For both hotels please mention the 53/54 Skylark club to receive the group rate.  Reservations must be made by May 12th to receive the discounted room rate!  If you are bringing a camper you can reserve a spot at the Black Rabbit RV Park, 866.707.5050.  Ride sharing shuttle vans are available from the airport by calling Airport Shuttle at 406.543.9416.  Per Dean the agenda is as follows;

Wednesday June 12th is arrival day.  We will have a meet & greet in the host hotel where you can reacquainted with all your Skylark friends.  We will be serving pizza and salad as a light dinner.


Thursday morning we’ll head out in vans to the historic Skalkaho Pass in the Sapphire Mountains.  The Skalkaho Pass reaches a height of 7,258 feet above sea level.  Near the head of the pass we will be stopping at picturesque Skalkaho Falls.  The scenic Skalkaho Pass was originally an Indian route until a highway was built in 1924.  Parts of the Pass are unpaved, and the Pass is closed during the winter due to heavy snowfall.  The Skalkaho Pass thru the mountains connects the Bitterroot Valley to the Flint Creek Valley and the town of Phillipsburg, MT.   Philipsburg is a historical town famous for mining and most of the buildings have been restored.  Here we will stop for lunch and you can pan for sapphires, have a micro-brew, or visit the many shops.  On the way back to Hamilton we will stop and see a small car collection.  Then back to the hotel for a short rest before dinner, which will be a BBQ cookout at Dean & Linda’s home.  After everyone is stuffed with great food there will be some wonderful homemade desserts.


Friday we’ll be heading out early again in the vans.  This time we’re going to the National Bison Range.  This is a National Wildlife Refuge so you’ll also be seeing lots of animals.  We’ll be driving through this 18,500 acre range that Theodore Roosevelt established in 1908 as a sanctuary for the American bison.  From the refuge we head on up to Flathead Lake, traveling around the lake you’ll see all the different fruit growers and the beauty of Flathead Lake.  At the north end of the lake we’ll stop at the historic town of Big Fork where you’ll all have time to stretch your legs, have lunch, and shop in this quaint town.  This town has cute shops including an ice cream parlor, galleries, restaurants, and pubs to quench your thirst.  Afterwards we head back to the hotel for a short rest before you are all whisk away again to Mike & Lynda’s home for another relaxed evening of BBQ and more homemade desserts.


Saturday will be a more relaxing day.  Vans will be available to take anyone to the Hamilton Saturday Market where you can shop local crafts, farmer’s wares, and good food.  You will be on your own for lunch and to stroll around the town of Hamilton.  In the afternoon we’ll be going for a tour of the “Daly Mansion”.  The Mansion, on 46 acres, is the historic home of industrialist Marcus Daly.  Mr. Daly was an Irish-born American known as one of the “Copper Kings” of MT. who helped develop the Bitterroot Valley.  Saturday evening we’ll be going to the Skalkaho Lodge for dinner.  The Lodge will be closing the restaurant for our club, so since we have it all to ourselves we’ll have our auction and club meeting after dinner.  This is a very cozy intimate lodge with a beautiful view.  The Skalkaho Lodge is noted for the large collection of 300 hummingbirds that feed daily.  If you want to learn about the many hummingbirds that migrate to Mexico and return to the Lodge each spring just visit the website at www.skalkasteakhouse.com.


Sunday is departure day, time to say goodbye to Hamilton, our old and new Skylark friends. 

I hope you all can attend.  The registration form is included in this newsletter, and can be reprinted from the Club website at www.skylarkclub.org.  Please complete the registration form and return it with your check to Dean Eldridge, 635 All View Lane, Corvallis, MT  59828.  Please note; it is important that we receive your entrée selection for the dinner Saturday night.  See you in Montana!!!


Contact Us

The '53-'54 Buick Skylark Club was formed in 1978 by Vin De Peppo, John Garratt and Jim Robertson. The club was incorporated in the State of New York in 1992 as a non-profit corporation. The club was formed for fellowship, fun, and the appreciation - preservation of these special cars. There is no judging or competition of any kind at any '53-'54 Skylark Club Meet.

The '53-'54 Buick Skylark Club has been recognized by the Buick Club of America as a division of the BCA. The Board of Directors of the Skylark Club urge all members to join and support the BCA:

Membership in the ’53-’54 Skylark Club is open to anyone who has an interest in these historical automobiles.  Yearly membership dues (in U.S. currency) are $25 ($30 outside the United States) payable to the ’53-’54 Skylark Club and mailed to Marvin Pickens - Treasurer.  The Club had two annual meets during the year and publishes a Club newsletter each quarter.

Items for the '53-'54 Skylark Club Newsletter should be sent to:


W: http://www.skylarkclub.org