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The '53-'54 Buick Skylark Club was formed in 1978 by Vin De Peppo, John Garratt and Jim Robertson. The club was incorporated in the State of New York in 1992 as a non-profit corporation. The club was formed for fellowship, fun, and the appreciation - preservation of these special cars. There is no judging or competition of any kind at any '53-'54 Skylark Club Meet.

The '53-'54 Buick Skylark Club has been recognized by the Buick Club of America as a division of the BCA. The Board of Directors of the Skylark Club urge all members to join and support the BCA:

Membership in the ’53-’54 Skylark Club is open to anyone who has an interest in these historical automobiles.  Yearly membership dues (in U.S. currency) are $25 ($30 outside the United States) payable to the ’53-’54 Skylark Club and mailed to Marvin Pickens - Treasurer.  The Club had two annual meets during the year and publishes a Club newsletter each quarter.

Items for the '53-'54 Skylark Club Newsletter should be sent to: